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Onsite Analytics began out of frustration when co-founder, Tyler Kuresa, struggled to find meaningful data on the capital assets located at the multifamily properties he was acquiring. Between his own portfolio, and the portfolio of his clients, Tyler looked at dozens of air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters, electrical components, washers, refrigerators, etc. on a weekly basis. "The problem was that you had to rely on a visual inspection of these small units to either make a buying decision or pass on a deal. And you're talking about $300,000-$700,000 deals. In general, if the equipment lasted 8-12 years, it was a strong investment. However, if the units died after 1-3 years, your pro forma was turned upside down."(Kuresa) 

This is when Tyler contacted co-founder Frances (Trey) Payne, and the team went to work understanding the scope of the problem and exploring solutions. It didn't take long to realize that this was a pain point that permeated throughout commercial real estate.

Existing solutions consist primarily of software firms that focus on increasing efficiency and reporting. While this is a crucial first step, it doesn't go far enough to address the underlying problem. For that, a different approach to the technology and processes would be required. And that became the foundation of Onsite Analytics. 

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Our primary focus is to reduce costs and increase net operating income at real estate assets. Therefore, the primary beneficiaries of our technology are property owners.
However, our systems produce many ancillary benefits to property managers and service technicians as well. For example, our Onsite Analytics tag vastly reduces the amount of time service technicians spend on the phone with property managers trying to retrieve data, benefiting both parties.

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