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Standing Air Conditioner

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6172 Merrywood Drive Rocklin, CA 95677

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Kendrick Heating And Air Conditioning

Jul 14, 2020

(916) 671-4969 |


HVAC Service Call 

No Cool Diagnostic

Diagnose cooling related issues.


Checked filter for cleanliness, recommend replace filter. Recommend purchasing filter that is lower quality due to higher quality filters plugging up faster.

Upon arrival air conditioner operating normally. Checked refrigerant pressures and noticed pressures are normal for current temperature except for super heat value.

Checked sensing bulb at indoor evaporator coil, found sensing bulb not installed correctly and not making solid contact with suction line exiting evaporator coil.

Properly installed sensing bulb at this time, re-insulated, sealed insulation.

Checked blower assembly for airflow restrictions, removed five dryer sheets from blower wheel. Dryer sheets may have been sucked into the blower assembly during a filter change.

Re-checked refrigerant charge and air conditioner is operating normally at this time.

Removed debris from blower assembly and remounted sensing buld

Kendrick Heating And Air Conditioning

Jul 30, 2020

(916) 671-4969 |

Replace High Voltage Service Disconnect Materials
High Voltage Service Disconnect with Fuses
New disconnect and propose fuses

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