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Technology designed to increase the net operating income at real estate assets.

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Increasing NOI with Sophisticated Technology

Onsite Analytics systems identify money saving opportunities in the maintenance space by utilizing a combination of hardware, software, and large data structures.

  • Increase the quality of your vendor's diagnosis and recommendations.

  • Never miss a warranty.

  • Up-to-date inventory of capital assets. 

  • Understand the expected lifespan of your equipment.

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The Onsite Analytics Tag

The Tag is a small radio frequency chip embedded into a highly durable sticker. This chip requires no power source, and is capable of holding large quantities of data. When the Tag comes into close contact with a mobile device, it instantly and automatically transfers its data to that mobile device. Think, Apply Pay…

We use the Tag to consolidate historical records of all equipment and maintenance items at real estate assets. These records are instantly available to service technicians in the field without any involvement needed from the property manager. 

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We deliver value to our client's property managers by simplifying interactions with vendors without adding any steps to their processes.

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Onsite Analytics Administrator Portal

The online portal will give owners and property managers remote access to the data secured on their tags. From the portal, administrators will have the ability to review their inventory & equipment data, add notes, and review tag activity (when the tag was activated).

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