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The #1 Preventative Maintenance Platform In Multifamily

Technology designed to increase NOI & technician efficiency.

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Reduce R&M Costs

Eliminate common mistakes in the field that lead to waste in the budget.

When maintenance issues aren't resolved properly the first time, the consequences are an increase in cost, tenant dissatisfaction, and wasted time from your onsite team. Onsite Analytics systematically reduces mistakes, misdiagnosis, and duplicate work at your communities. 

Technician Efficiency

Empower your onsite technicians to do more with less. 

In the current environment of labor shortages, high turnover, and increasing cost of skilled workers, operators must ensure that new hires have the resources they need to be as effective as possible while onsite. 

Asset Preservation

Identify aging capital assets, expiring warranties, & problematic trends.

Uncover money saving opportunities in the granular details of your portfolio. How are you preparing for the next maintenance wave to hit your communities? 

Organizations that are dedicated to asset preservation and operational efficiency


The Onsite Analytics Tag

The Onsite Analytics Tag is a radio frequency microchip that's embedded into a highly durable sticker (about the size of a quarter).


This chip requires no power source, and is capable of storing all maintenance records for an entire multifamily unit. When the Tag comes into close contact with any mobile phone, it instantly and automatically transfers its data to that device. Think, Apple Pay…


We use the Tag to consolidate historical records of all capital assets and maintenance items at multifamily communities. These records are instantly available to service technicians in the field without any involvement needed from the property manager. 

The Tag updates itself automatically through a combination of integrations, AI and machine learning. Community managers do not change their existing processes and are never asked to input data manually. 

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