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Technology designed to help multifamily operators collect and apply their maintenance data to drive net operating income.

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The most comprehensive database of maintenance history in commercial real estate.

Data driven decisions first require a wealth of accurate information. Onsite Analytics is actively consolidating data from all available sources of maintenance data. This database is the foundation for which the many tools that increase net operating income are built.


Onsite Analytics will never ask a property manager to add a step to their existing processes.

From the data coming onto our platform, to the data that's provided in the field, our platform is completely automated from end-to-end. Property managers will never be asked to interact with the platform on a regular basis.


When a capital asset is identified in our platform (using a serial plate photo), it's grouped together with all other equipment of the same make and model.

The capital asset ecosystem is designed to influence, and be influenced by what's happening in the field. As we collect invoices, tenant complaints, service notes, etc., our platform is continually learning. At the same time, we can tap into this data to deliver critical information to vendors in the field.

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The Onsite Analytics Tag

The Tag is a small radio frequency chip embedded into a highly durable sticker. This chip requires no power source, and is capable of holding large quantities of data. When the Tag comes into close contact with a mobile device, it instantly and automatically transfers its data to that mobile device. Think, Apple Pay…

We use the Tag to consolidate historical records of all equipment and maintenance items at real estate assets. These records are instantly available to service technicians in the field without any involvement needed from the property manager. 

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