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The general tag is intended to be utilized for all maintenance that occurs within a residential unit. Typically located on the front door, the general tag gives the maintenance vendor instant access to a residential unit’s entire maintenance history, including HVAC, appliances, plumbing, electrical, and handyman work.

The specialty tag is intended to be used for a single capital asset. These tags are ideal for office, retail, medical, and industrial buildings with fewer, but more sophisticated capital assets. Examples include air conditioners, boilers, grease traps, suppression systems, etc.

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The tag utilizes near field communication technology to easily transfer information from the equipment's database, to the smart phone of the service technician.  
The process that facilitates this exchange of information is as simple as the service technician tapping their mobile phone directly to the tag. In close proximity, the tag will automatically connect with the near field communication reader found in virtually all smartphones. Once connected, the smartphone will prompt the service technician to follow a link to that equipment's database. 
Once the visit is complete, the tag's database can be reviewed and updated remotely.

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